Hotel Review: The Breidenbacher Hof Hotel, Dusseldorf

I have always associated Germany with all things rigid and practical, a country where function trumps form and practicality design every single time. Great was therefore my surprise upon checking in at The Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel in Dusseldorf.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the hotel’s lounge from Koenigsallee is how quickly the cacophony from what is essentially the Madison Avenue of this fashion capital is replaced with tranquility and impeccable refinement. Attentive and proffessional staff, who call you three days before your scheduled arrival to discuss your needs and requirements check you in with typical German efficiency before showing you to your room.

From there on you are basically in hotel heaven until shortly before check-out, when the magnitude of what you are about to depart from fully dawns on you. The Breidenbacher Hof’s 79 rooms and 16 suites are equipped with the latest flat-screen and bathroom mirror televisions, a sophisticated touchpanel central control system from which one regulates the lighting, temperature and curtains in the room, a free well-stocked minibar and – this is where they got me – free high-speed WiFi and ethernet internet access. At a time when 5-star establishments are committing daylight robbery by charging exorbitant prices for their internet connection, I cannot express how much I appreciated this.

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With rooms like this, you’d think the common areas of the hotel were where they cut corners when the hotel was being refurbished for almost a decade. That’s where you would be wrong.  The hotel’s walk-in humidor, which captured the attention of cigar aficionado George Clooney when he was in the city in 2010, is the largest in Europe, holding over 150 cigars.

The humidor is located within the Capella Bar which boasts both a Glenfiddich Award for Bar Culture and a Bar of the Year award. Brasserie 1806 is the Breidenbacher Hof’s only restaurant offering, and is where Michelin-starred chef Michael Reinhardt serves up Rhenish dishes with an international twist.

They say the first cut is the deepest. The Breidenbacher Hof was the first hotel I ever stayed at for review purposes and hard as I’ve tried, I still haven’t found a hotel that can hold  a candle to it. Yet.

Stay here if:

  • You want to experience what it’s like to have Personal Assistants – your own little helpers: Tickets to sold-out theatre performances, exclusive late night shopping sprees at one of the many designer stores on  Koenigsallee, a private jet to Abu Dhabi within the hour, pink-themed princess birthday parties – I was told no request is too big to be fulfilled.
  • You’re scouring the market for an R&R and nip & tuck holiday. The Breidenbacher Hof has both an in-house health clinic where various cosmetic surgery treatments are on offer, as well as a spa.
  • You love for good hotels is only surpassed by a genuine love for art. Dusseldorf is the Rhein-Westphalia art capital. At the Breidenbacher Hof, paintings by students from the nearby Kunstakademie are proudly displayed on the walls.

The Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella hotel. Koenigsallee 11, 40212 Dusseldorf. +49 211 160 900,


  1. Camilla A. Stretton says:

    Dear Cynthia,

    I came across your blog when I was looking for a hotel in Dusseldorf. I am planning a trip there next month and was wondering if you had any recommendations. By the looks of it, you are very well travelled and you seem to be staying in all the luxury hotels. How long did you stay in Dusseldorf for?



  1. […] The Breidenbacher Hof on the Konigsallee is as much a Dusseldorfian institution as a hotel. Built in 1812, it has hosted Russian Czar Alexander II as well as survived fires and bomb raids during World War II. It was reopened in 2008 after an extensive nine-year reconstruction period to offer world-class accommodation at the heart of the city, as well as a cherished meeting place for locals. […]


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