Product Review: Bjorn Borg’s underwear range

Back in the day, before I was even a zygote in my mother’s body, Bjorn Borg was the tanned golden boy of Wimbledon and John “You CANNOT be serious” McEnroe his arch nemesis and the bad boy of the sport. If a crystal ball-gazing clairvoyant had said then that the two would be peddling intimates with the words Bjorn loves John in three decades’ time, the world would have collectively told her to lay off the illegal stuff.

Photo courtesy of http://www.bjornlovesjohn.comA limited edition pair of Bjorn Loves John underwear. Photo courtesy of

Yet this is exactly what has happened. Having retired from competitive tennis, Bjorn Borg made a bold foray into fashion with a mission to “spread Swedish underwear liberation all over the world” through his upper mid-range underwear brand. Earlier this summer, he teamed up with McEnroe to make the same colourful, vibrant underwear his brand is synonymous with for a good cause. For each Bjorn loves John-marked underwear sold, a portion of the revenue goes to the John and Patty McEnroe foundation.

LTB has put a couple of Bjorn Borg underwear to the test (with slogans like Don’t go nuts, keep your balls in place, they were practically begging to be tried) and  and can personally attest to the fact that good causes are not the only thing they support. Although we were particularly partial to the Play All Hotpant , with Mr. LTB a willing guinea pig for the Mouth to Mouth shorts,  we also loved the brand’s sports,  swim and loungewear which, for travellers like ourselves who value comfort above all, are a God-send.

Bjorn Borg underwear is made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra for snug and stretch, making them almost seem to be made with the young, globe-trotting traveller in mind. The brand also carries footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances and is greatly influenced by Borg’s sporting heritage and innovative design. Visit where there is currently a sale taking place for more information and product reviews.


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