Unplugged: Beginner’s guide to tackling The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is purported to be the largest mall in the world based on total area, although there are several other malls out there laying claim to this particular title. Luxury Travel Beat was in the city, and decided to take on this massive shrine to capitalism. Here are some tips amassed through trial and error that we thought we’d share with the world.

The Dubai Mall. Photo by Cynthia Wamwayi

1. Go on a Sunday morning, which is the equivalent of a Monday in the Western World, to avoid the hoardes of people clamoring for a bargain or ten. Friday and Saturdays are the days of rest in Muslim countries and are therefore when the mall is the most patronised.

2.  Have a solid breakfast before putting on the pair of shoes that offer you the most support. While we are still on the subject of support, find your most supportive friend/travelling companion/pet as well, because you will be doing a lot of walking, getting lost and trying to find your way in and out of the maze that is The Dubai mall.

3. In reference to the above, some yoga or any other spiritually centering exercises prior to your trip to the mall is highly recommended. Fortitude of mind is key if you want to get the most out of your shopping experience.

4. Abandon each and every notion of having any form of control over this massive encyclopaedia of fashion labels and department stores.

5. Go to http://www.thedubaimall.com/en to find out if your favourite shop is represented here. With over 1400 retail stores, chances are high that your go-to department store also has a presence here. Locate its exact location using the Store Locator tool on the website and memorise it. This  (H&M in our case) will function as a place of refuge from the bewilderment that comes about as a result of scores of stores, some of which you’ve never even heard of, calling out your name in ALL CAPS. Psychologists call this anchoring, we like to call it our shopping compass.

6. You will get lost, maybe even more than once. The sooner you make peace with this fact the more emotionally relaxed you will become, freeing you to enjoy this unique shopping experience.

7. If by any chance you enter a store whose airwaves are dominated by the sound of Jessie J singing “It’s not about the money, money, money/We don’t need your money, money, money/We just wanna make the world dance“,  take it, as I did, to be a sign from the universe and sashay out of the store.  Donate the amount you saved to your favourite cause. If this happens to be that dress you saw in the Karen Millen store that you were disciplined enough not to buy when you first fell in love with it, so be it.

The Dubai Aquariuam. Photo by Cynthia Wamwayi

8. Stare at the fishes in the Dubai Aquarium, which can be seen from both the first and second floor of the mall, and marvel at how content they seem to be as they swim the length and bredth of the aquarium. Pay extra attention to the fish swimming in the opposite direction of all the other fish and let yourself inspired.

9. If you do get tired of all the things money has wrought within the mall, walk to the northern tip exit of it and feast on the sight that is the World’s Tallest Building, the Burj Khalifa, to your right. Then and only then should you let the music from The Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing mountain soothe your spirit while.

10. Most of all, enjoy the experience. You only live once.


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