Culinary Digest: Brasserie La Jaloa, Brussels

What the critics say

Alison Cornford-Matheson, Cheeseweb: There are a few great options for dining on Place St. Catherine, but our favourite has to be Jaloa restaurant and the Jaloa Brasserie. We first discovered Jaloa through the Atlantic Canadian Lobster Festival and when people ask us where to go for seafood in Brussels, this is first on our list. The restaurant only seats 25 people and features tasting menus of four, six or nine courses. The Jaloa Brasserie is more cosy and affordable but with the same high level of quality. The menu is a la carte with the exception of a monthly tasting menu. Both the restaurant and brasserie feature seasonal, local ingredients and have hidden terraces you can enjoy, during the warmer months.

Jaloa Brasserie’s open ravioli of lobster, bisque with citrus and lemongrass.

What the diners say

Tripadvisor user and Brussels insider Boricuajetsetter: I took my friends who were visiting from NYC to Brasserie Jaloa. The food was good, but nothing memorable. We had the pasta with seafood which was good, but the seafood tray although every expensive, was just average and not very tasty. The service was ok, except the evening was quite chilly and the door to the patio was open. So I asked the waitress if she could kindly close the door and I was told to just change seats at my own table, which did not help much. There are much better options in Brussels.

Flemish Beef Stew

What Luxury Travel Beat says

We had heard great things about the Jaloa Brasserie. A sister restaurant to the Michelin-starred Jaloa Restaurant, we had even enjoyed poring over their extensive menu in the hours preceding our visit there. I’m not, however, sure whether my travel companion and I went there on one of their off nights, or whether our previous night out-of-this-world Tram Dining Experience had made us a bit pickier, but our experience at the brasserie was decidedly lackluster.

This was mostly down to the service. For a table of two, we were served by two waiters who it seemed played the parts of good cop bad cop very well. The good one would be all courteous and attentive, flashing smiles while he tended to us, only to have his good work undone by his surlier, more arrogant counterpart who seemed more intent on carrying on airs than genuinely serving his guests.

Cuisine-wise, since we had heard great things about Belgian fries, we decided to have a main that had the vegetable as a side. The brasserie prides itself in its authentic Belgian dishes so we thought we couldn’t really go wrong. What a disappointment! I have honestly had better fries. On the bright side, my Flemish beer stew was out of this world. My travel companion’s steak, however was yet another tragedy, leaving her to exclaim at the end of her meal that she ” would have loved to have some steak with the fat.” Needless to say, we did not stay for dessert.

To be fair, we did not wait too long to get our food, and the atmosphere – when it was not being sullied by a haughty waiter – was warm and lively. But that’s about it.

Brasserie Jaloa, Place Sainte-Catherine 5 – 7, 1000 Brussels.


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