Tripping with: Jessica Lowndes

Vancouver-born Jessica Lowndes is best-known for her role as Adrianna Tate-Duncan on the TV series 90210, where she plays a teenage former-junkie pregnant high school student/actress. The 23-year old was originally meant to have a recurring guest role on the series, but her character was so popular with the fans that she was taken on as a regular. Few people however, know that her first love was singing. Luxury Travel Beat touched base with the actress when she was recently in London to promote her music.

Jessica, welcome to Luxury Travel Beat’s Tripping with segment.  You are currently in London to promote your Nothing Like This Album. Tell us a little bit about it?

It’s a 4 track EP that was mostly recorded in London, and the first single from it, The Other Girl, comes out on May 16th. It’s my first solo EP and I have had a lot of fun making the video’s as well as recording the music!

Are there any places in London you particularly love?

I normally stay in the Soho area which I love because it’s so central. I have also spent a lot of time in Portebello and Notting Hill which is a great area for shopping and the atmosphere. I love Regents Park, too.

Do you have your own Proust’s Madeleine –  a travel experience that instantly brings back memories?

Last year in Barcelona, I went there with a huge crowd of friends which was really fun! I have lots of great memories from that trip.

 How about bad travel memories?

We missed our flight to Portugal by minutes last year and there were no other flights that day to the Algarve so we had to fly to Lisbon and hire a car then drive for 5 hours! It turned into a fun roadtrip so it wasn’t that bad in the end!

What were your childhood travels like?

Jessica Lowndes at Disneyland. Photo courtesy of @jessicalowndes

I am from Vancouver Canada, so as a child me and my family went to Disneyland! I still go all the time, I love all things Disney, I get my face painted and really embrace it!

How would you describe your travelling style?

In terms of luggage I travel with 2 suitcases and they are normally overweight – a girl needs options! But as for style when actually travelling I tend to wear comfortable clothes for the long plane rides.

What’s your biggest motivation for travelling for leisure?

To visit new places, I haven’t been before and experience different cultures

What’s the one thing you would never travel without?

My passport…. 😉  Or my notepad so I can jot down lyrics that pop into my head because I get a lot of inspiration when I’m travelling or have a lot of time to myself on a plane journey.

What is the best hotel you’ve stayed at?

The Plaza (which we reviewed last year) in Paris! Exquisite!

Best meal you’ve had abroad?

The Hot chocolate at Angelina’s in Paris, its so thick it feels like a meal!

Dream trip?

The Almalfi Coast, I need to make plans to go there soon!


  1. I went to the Amalfi coast last year and it was stunning! One of the classiest beach holiday destinations on the planet.


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