Tripping with…Pollyanna Woodward

Pollyanna Woodward is one of the newest members of Channel 5′ Gadget Show.  Having joined the television tech team in 2010, she’s recently completed filming the show’s 17th series The Gadget Show: World tour. This  has seen her traipse around the world in in pursuit of the latest and best future consumer technology.

Pollyanna posing by the Dead Sea, enroute to Eliat, Israel. Photo courtesy of her Twitter @GadgetPolly

Welcome to Luxury Travel Beat’s tripping with segment.  You took the brand new season of The Gadget Show on the road to test the latest in consumer gadgetry around the globe. We’re dying to hear all about it.

We’ve taken the show  to the east and west coast of America which showcased the city and beach cultures of the States, some great travelling technology and some great people. I was surprised by L.A and California though it was a little less glam than i thought it would be. We were also in Dubai, which was beautifully hot and we got to spend time in the desert testing fun experiences for visitors. As always I find this place has delicious food. Japan was a real culture shock and an assault on the eyes; there is a constant buzz about the place, one which I never quite got used to. I also found the food a little disappointing, but it was a very different experience. France, Italy and Switzerland were classically European – great pizza, pasta and hot chocolate – it never ceases to amaze me though how breathtaking these places are, they can be so picture perfect. And the UK was…freezing.

You know we have to ask you this: what’s the one gadget you could never travel without?

I can’t go anywhere without my smartphone, because it does so many things — calls, emails, social networking, music — It’s a travel must.

How would you describe your travelling style?

Relaxed but styled. Comfortable clothing, a carry-on and a pair of on ear headphones around my neck, these are my travelling essentials.

What’s your biggest motivation for travelling for leisure?

To see my boyfriend who’s  a professional golfer, so any time I get off I go to see him wherever he is in the world.

Favourite city in the world?

Pollyanna posing near the Brooklyn bridge, New York. Photo courtesy of her Twitter @GadgetPolly

I love New York, I never get tired of visiting. It has this really cool ambience and and an ‘anything goes’ vibe about it.

Best holiday?

The first time I visited my boyfriend’s home in Phoenix, Arizona. I had never really been toa desert state and I couldn’t believe how fantastic it was. So many leisure possibilities — cycling, rock-climbing, golf — It was adventure-packed and so much fun. The restaurants I went to were incredible too. Its another one of my favourite destinations.

Worst holiday?

Tenerife when I was younger. It was a week of cold weather with little to do in the area we stayed. The highlight of each day was the internet cafe to check my emails – definitely a holiday to forget!

Do you prefer to travel with a companion or alone? If with a companion, what qualities does she/he have to possess for you to enjoy your travels?

I do really enjoy travelling on my own, I guess because i do it so often. However if I am to have a companion it’s nice if they like to just do their own thing too. And converse occasionally and share sweets…

Most memorable person you’ve met on your travels?

I met Brian Fortuna at T5 with some friends a couple of months back and managed to catch up with him again when we went to L.A to film, that was fun.

What is the best hotel you’ve stayed at?

Pollyanna at the Viceroy Yas F1 Marina hotel in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy of her Twitter @GadgetPolly.

This is a tough one. The Mercer in New York is gorgeous, The Yas Viceroy has an incredible setting and is a real treat for car and design enthusiasts like myself. The Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai… I guess I’m lucky I’ve been spoilt for choice.

Best meal you’ve had abroad?

Theres a place called Sushi Samba in New York where they make the most AMAZING sushi…you have to go there.

Thanks. That’s now on my hit list. Finally, is there a trip you’re just dying to take?

I would love to go to Australia. I haven’t been there yet, even though my sister lives there. I would also like to go back to South Africa and spend a little longer at the Shamwari resort on safari.

Pollyanna presents the Gadget Show: World Tour on Channel 5 every Monday at 8pm.

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