Tripping with: Singer-Songwriter Ingrid Michaelson

Welcome to Luxury Travel Beat’s Tripping With segment, Ingrid. You’re in London as part of your Human Again Summer Tour. How is that like?

London feels like a second home to me! There is an energy about this place that just sucks me in.

Are there places in the city you particularly love?

I loved visiting Westminster Abbey. I was in London two weeks before the royal wedding last year, and got to hear a boy’s choir doing a news segment. It was like travelling back in time.

What places would you recommend to first-time visitors to New York ?

I live in Brooklyn, NYC so I would say go to Central Park and see Strawberry Fields (a living memorial to John Lennon). Then during Christmas time go to the ice-skating rink there. It’s amazing.

You are obviously travelling a lot right now, but what is your greatest motivation for travelling for pleasure?

It depends on where I go. I do love to learn about the history of a place, but I also love relaxing.

Now, as a big fan of your music, I’m going to put you on the spot: which one of your songs would you recommend to people who are:
a) Stuck at the airport, waiting for a flight that has been delayed?


b) Road-tripping?


c) Relaxing by the pool or on the beach?


How would you describe your travelling style?

Grumpy. Is that a style? Only because most of the time when I am travelling it is because I am on tour and racing to get somewhere!

Best holiday/travel experience?

This will sound touristy but touring around in a double decker through London with my parents and best friend was a day that I really loved.

Worst holiday/travel experience?

Getting stuck in Cancun Airport whilst being incredibly ill because of snow in Minneapolis.

What is the best hotel you’ve stayed at?

The Grand Del Mar in San Diego. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

The Grand Mel Mar in Del Mar (San Diego)! It was like living in a dream.

Dream trip?
Going to Sweden with my family to research our family name.

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