Cityscapes: Oslo, Norway

As the world turns its eyes towards Oslo — The Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded today — I thought I’d share a few pictures from my recent Oslo trip. *Drum roll please*

Citiyscapes The Opera House, Oslo

The Opera House. Opened in 2008, it is Oslo’s pride and joy, and where many locals take friends and family visiting the city. Designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta, the spectacular building houses The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

Cityscapes Oslo 3

In exemplary Scandinavian fashion, The Norwegian government was determined to make The Opera House accessible to everyone. Families regularly an outing out of The Opera House, enjoying packed lunches on its roof.

Cityscapes Oslo 6

A bird attempts to blend into the Opera House’s sleek walls. Can you see it? You’ll be hard-pressed to find better views of Oslo than from atop The Opera House.

Cityscapes 10

Bjørvika, with its brand new “Barcode building project is an area of the city that is developing rapidly.  A must for architecture aficionados.

Cynthia Wamwayi

Winter lovers will love Oslo, where it gets extremely cold, so be sure to pack your thickest coat if you plan to visit between October and March.

Cityscapes Oslo 12

Although the Barcode buildings are still under construction, they are already quite breath-taking.

Cityscapes Oslo 15

View of Oslo from the 12th floor of the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel.

All photos copyright of Cynthia Wamwayi


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