12 Days of Christmas: Luggage gift ideas

Christmas is once again here folks. And I’m here to help you sort through your last-minute purchases, especially if you are struggling to figure out what to get the wanderlusta in your life. Today – some heavy-duty quality luggage recommendations which perhaps your traveller has been eyeing and salivating over, but perhaps balked at the steep prices.

Small: Samsonite’s Firelite Cabin Luggage

Firelite Samsonite

I first reviewed this suitcase in great detail here earlier this year. Since then I’ve grown to love this little nifty luggage even more. It’s perfect for long weekends away and journeys on low-cost airlines, where lightness is of the essence. Surprisingly, it can contain an average of four days worth of clothing, toiletries and a pair of shoes if you are an experienced packer. I love the fact that unlike Samsonite’s earlier cabin suitcase models, it comes with four wheels that make it even easier to lug from home to desired destination.

The Samsonite Firelite Cabin Luggage, RRP £235.

Medium: Antler Liquis Suitcase

Liquis Blue Group

This was the suitcase I took with me on my Orient Express trip, which speaks volumes about the elegance of this Antler Liquis luggage. I’d first heard of the brand through the inspirational Grannies on Safari who are the brand’s ambassadors. This particular range had me at “Antler’s lightest ever hard suitcase“. As apparent as it is throughout this post, I can’t stress enough how much light luggage eases my travels. Factor in a weather-resistant zip (yeah, not a fan of wet clothes upon arrival), 4 patented gliding wheels and a 10-year warranty, and you’ll see why this remains one of the most-loved suitcases in my arsenal.

Liquis Medium Suitcase, RRP £189.00 (with free UK delivery)

Large: Tumi’s Extended Trip Packing Case

Tumi Tegra

Tumi’s Tegra-Lite™ Extended Trip Packing Case is made from Tegris®, a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material created for use in lifesaving armor, NASCAR race cars and protective gear for NFL players. At present, they are the only luggage company using this material in the making of their travel and accessory products, but I suspect this, like in so many other instances, will change as soon as competitors catch a whiff of this genius idea. The Extended Trip Packing Case is the largest in the Tegra-Lite range, yet the hardside manages to remain extremely light. I personally like the fact it looks sleek and of a manageable size on the outside, yet packs a lot of extra-roomy interior, including a removable garment sleeve (making the case ideal for both business and leisure travel), interior accessory pockets and tie-down straps. Like Samsonite and Antler, it also has a four-wheel system which gives it incredible maneuverability. The cases are lined and have TSA-integrated locks and exterior bumpers for added protection. Only downside? It bruises very easily, making it look much older than it is after a trip or two.

Tumi’s Extended Trip Packing Case , RRP £895

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