Tripping with….Actor Victor Alfieri

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1. Victor, welcome to LTB’s fun and irreverent Tripping with segment. What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment I am promoting the film A Secret Promise, co-starring Ioni Skye, Talia Shire and Ron Silver.  It’s a romantic-comedy, just recently came out on VOD so you can check it out on iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube 2.0.  It’s my first lead in an American film so I am very proud of it.  Also I am finishing my first film as a writer/director/producer, a thriller that was filmed in Rome – very proud of that too.  It was hard work, but I am so happy to have been surrounded by a great team. It should be ready next May.

 2. You were born in Rome, which is currently making headlines after the selection of the new pope and his inaguration today. What would you tell a first-time traveller to the city to put at the top of their to-do list?

Go to the Coliseum. (laughs) Every time I go back I make sure to see it again.  You basically go through these old Roman streets and all of a sudden from a distance you see it: This ancient massive construction, it’s just breathtaking. And of course the Vatican.  It’s a great piece of art with all its sculptures and paintings. And make sure you see the Vatican museum, simply more art.  In other words, Rome is just a big museum itself, anywhere you go there is great stuff to see and food to enjoy.  The best combination!

 3. And what must-see touted in the guide books would you assure them is overrated?

That I cannot answer because I never read guide books. I love adventures, so when i travel i like to discover things myself and live in the moment.


4. You not only were a member of the Italian Police force before finding success in Hollywood but also, sadly, had to cut your modeling career short after getting mugged. What safety precautions would you encourage travellers to take while on the road?

Be nice to people, but be wise. Don’t be too friendly with strangers. Being polite is okay, but keep your guard up at all times.

 5. Italy is full of destination jewels. What’s your favourite place to vacation there (and why)?

I like Tuscany – VERY romantic.  I had a beautiful experience when I went to visit Florence back in 1991.  The food is excellent and the art history is amazing.  That is probably why it is the capital of the arts!

 6. What’s your travelling style?

Casual and spontaneous!  Like I said before, I like a good trip but what I love the most is the adventure that a trip can bring. Planning the destination is good, but not the entire trip. Sometimes I like to take off without even booking the hotel. I know…I know. But that is what I like.

 7. Where are you going to next and why?

I’m going to visit my family in Rome. After that, I will take my little convertible Fiat  and travel to Capri, a fantastic island two hours south of Rome. I love Capri where you can really capture the southern Italian culture. My friend Mimmo always comes to get me with his old boat. I can’t wait!

8. Best dish you’ve had while on the road?

In Sicily. They have the best pasta alla norma, the best caponata and for the desert I had the best cassata.
 The Kimberley Hotel

9. How about best hotel?

Whenever I go to New York I only stay at The Kimberly, where i get very well pampered! Last year I stayed there for an entire week.  I still remember the blueberries pancakes – simply the best.

 10. And finally, if you could put together a travel itinerary, without any time or money constraints, where would you go to?

If I had all the money in the world I would for sure visit Asia.  All of it.

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