In Pictures: View of London from The Shard

About a year ago, Western Europe’s tallest building – The Shard – officially opened.  At the time, I put together a little article with some background information about this new addition to London’s already impressive skyline. Now, six months after it was opened to the public, I finally went atop the structure to see how London looks like from up there.

View From The Shard 1

View From The Shard 2

View From The Shard 3

View From The Shard 4

Not disappointing at all. The whole experience reminded of what it was like to climb The Sears Tower in Chicago a few years ago. One gets their ticket from dedicated counters at the base of The Shard, goes through airport-style security before being photographed for posterity and being led to the lifts. The lifts go to level 68 from where you then climb the stairs to the first viewing floor on level 69. There is also a second slightly more exposed open air floor on level 72, though the difference in the 360° views both offer of the London skyline is negligible.

The Shard 7

The Shard 6

The Shard 5

Shard 9Shard 10

Advance tickets retail at £24.95 for an adult, and £18.95 for a child.

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