My Beat: New York, New York

New York is one of those evergreen destinations that are popular all year round. Although I have been to the city that never sleeps twice before this latest trip, I immediately jumped at the chance to revisit it in conjunction with British Airways launching their Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet on the London – New York route.

The Highlights

The last time I was in New York was with my Norwegian counterparts in 2011 when SAS (re)launched their Oslo-New York route. Because we all were on a very tight three-day schedule, I barely left the downtown area with its abundance of tourist traps both worthwhile and not so worthwhile. This time around I decided to mix things up a bit.

The Empire State Building

EmpireStateEntranceDSC_1058I started with what is arguably the most famous thing to do as a tourist in the Big Apple. I had shied away from the Empire State Building in the past because of the long queues so I decided to visit it very early in the morning – shortly after it opened at 8 pm – when it wasn’t going to be crowded and the New York skyline would be bathed in the gentle morning sun. It was amazing. For someone who can be somewhat directionally-challenged, seeing New York city from that vantage point helped me navigate it for the rest of the four days I was there. The 360 degree panorama views over what is one of the most impressive cities in the world wasn’t shabby either.

MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art


It only took 30 years for me to finally start having an appreciation of art but better late than never! After cutting my teeth at our very own Tate Modern, I decided that my visit to New York would also include a jaunt to the city’s famous Museum of Modern Art. Home to established and experimental art of our times, it focuses on Architecture and Design, Drawings, Film, Media, Painting and Sculpture, Photography, and Prints and Illustrated Books.

PS: I visited MoMA on a Friday afternoon when it was crowded due to Target Free Fridays – which is an admirable collaboration between the chain and MoMA that aims to encourage more of the public to engage with the arts. I personally think it’s a great initiative but if you prefer to contemplate your art in peace MoMA on a Friday afternoons from 4 pm might not be your scene.



Brooklyn was the highlight of this trip! I immersed myself gently into this multi-faceted borough by first visiting Dumbo, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This used to be a run-down industrial area just a few decades ago. Nowadays, the area is a magnet for the young and trendy seeking treasure in the areas flea markets and eateries, and film crews, fashion photographers and tourists attracted by its bridges (Dumbo is nestled between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges), views and postindustrial landscape.

But I wasn’t done with Brooklyn just yet. While looking through Tripadvisor’s list of things to do in this borough, I stumbled upon suggestions to visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir for a real gospel experience. We were not allowed to take pictures – which is understandable – so I have no way of showing you snapshots of this ethereal experience but suffice it to say that it is something you should try if you are a fan of Grammy award-winning gospel ensembles.

I ended my Brooklyn-heavy New York trip with a walk through Brooklyn Heights, yet another subway ride to the wonderfully quirky Williamsburg and sending up fervent prayers that the margarita I downed at Zona Rosa, which was garnished with a moldy pineapple rind that I only noticed later – did not end up causing me stomach upset. Who wants to know what it’s like to travel across the Atlantic eyeing the toilet sign? I certainly didn’t,

Luxury Travel Beat travelled to New York from London Heathrow courtesy of British Airways, who introduced the Boeing 787 Dreamliner on their London-Toronto and London – New York routes in September and October respectively. The 787 Dreamliner boasts improvements in air quality, mood lighting, quieter cabins, and lower air pressure compared to other aircraft. For more information and tickets visit

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