Tripping with: Shoe designer Aruna Seth

Aruna Seth is the designer behind Aruna Seth shoes, a luxury  British shoe brand based in London which specialises in ladies evening and bridal shoes. The brand’s USP is being able to strike just the right balance between glamour and comfort (in the same pair of shoe!)


Welcome to Luxury Travel Beat Aruna, what’s keeping you busy at the moment?

I’ve been doing tons of travelling as usual in the name of shoes! I’ve been in the Middle East and Dubai quite a bit as we have a new stockist there called East 51. I also visited NYC last week for a SAKS meeting so I am keeping my fingers crossed they will stock us soon.

What would you say is your recipe for success?

Staying true to the brand look and not straying too far away from this! If you look at Aruna Seth shoes you can usually instantly recognize them as an Aruna Seth pair of shoes!

Which one of your designs is most suited for the frequent traveller?

Aruna Seth ballerina flats

Aruna Seth ballerina flats

I’d say our ballerina flat shoes is the best range for travelling.  They are a super comfortable with plush leather-like padding inside of them.  Our shoes are well known for being the most comfortable in the designer world.

Describe your travelling style.

I love to be comfortable, so comfortable leggings and a big cashmere cardigan for the plane.  On holidays I love kaftans and white dresses for that Rachel Zoe kind of look!

Having travelled a lot for work, which hotels/destinations rank highest on your best hotel/destination list?

The De Haenen Suite at Eden Rock St. Barth's

The De Haenen Suite at Eden Rock St. Barth’s

I love St Barth’s because it is the one place I go most Christmases where it is actually a holiday.  I normally rent an apartment there and we spend our time at the Eden Rock Hotel which is fabulous.  The beaches are amazing and it’s the one time during the year that I get a chance to chill out!

Which destinations are still on your bucket list?

I’d love to go to Aspen to show off our Aruna Seth white fluffy boots. I also did a whistle stop tour of Vegas a few years ago and I’d love to go back there and visit again!

Being a Londoner, what would you tell a first-time visitor not to miss?

London is a great city and I’d recommend doing a bus tour if it’s your first-time so you can easily see all the sites in one go!  I love eating out in London’s restaurants, they’ve just opened a restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard which has a button that says ‘press for champagne.’  Hyde Park and Regents Park are great in the sunshine to relax and sunbathe in.

What has been your best culinary experience while travelling?

I loved the coconut, pineapple and macaroon dessert at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.  It was simply a divine dessert and I’ll always remember it!

Aruna Seth's Candy Heel in rose leather with pastel pearl details

Aruna Seth’s Candy Heel in rose leather with pastel pearl details

 Lastly, what does the future hold for your brand?

We’re always pushing to expand abroad internationally!  I’ll be focusing on the Middle-East and the US especially!  These are currently target markets for us so I’ll be travelling a lot to these places to meet retailers and do trunk-shows.


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