In photos: Taste of London festival

Taste of London

The world’s greatest restaurant festival returned this week for its tenth year. I visited yesterday, but it has been open since Wednesday the 18th of June and will last til the 22nd of June (tomorrow). I personally love this festival; it always brings together many (40 this year) of the hottest restaurants in London, with visitors getting the opportunity to try tapas sized dishes from all of them in one convenient location. There are 22 restaurant festivals this year so it’s not only Londonders who get to enjoy this culinary bonanza.. Check out Durban’s and Toronto’s festivals in July,  Stockholm’s and Rome’s in September, and  Melbourne’s and Mumbai’s in November.




The London restaurant line-up this year includes Le Gavroche, Club Gascon, Salt Yard & Spice Market and Mahiki among many many others.





Taste of London always delivers the most exceptional global talent. It was here that I met Alain Ducasse and Rene Redzepi three years ago.  This year, Le Gavroche chef Monica Galetti showed us how to fillet salmon  and make a salmon, juniper and beetroot bake:



Dozens of countries were also represented, including Argentina;



New Zealand:DSC_0225Thailand:

DSC_0203And Jordan.

DSC_0231The UK showcased produce and products from its various regions:


Taste of London


DSC_0519All in all I would say this is a great day out for both locals and visitors alike, especially with the glorious weather we are currently enjoying.





For tickets and more information, check out both and

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