Tripping with: Kirsty Bertarelli

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Welcome to Luxury Travel Beat’s ‘Tripping With’ segment. What’s keeping you busy at the moment?

We’ve just arrived back from Alaska, which was a truly breath taking vacation. With its dramatic landscapes, towering volcanoes, powerful glaciers and endless forests, there was plenty of inspiration to write from! It was well worth a visit.  I’m now back, and off for a radio tour next week, singing my new song There She Goes.

That’s from your newly released album Indigo Shores. Which of your songs would you say is:

a)The best soundtrack for tackling travel stress?

It has to be the title track Indigo Shores which is full of dreamy mystical lyrics and music taking your imagination to exotic beaches and unknown adventures

 b) Lounging pool/beachside:

There She Goes’ – it’s feeling young at heart and full of summer nostalgia

c) Road-tripping

You’re my Strongest Weakness because it is actually about a road trip we did on Harleys!

Switching gears now, talk us through your work with The Bertarelli Foundation.

The foundation focuses on two main areas: marine conservation and life sciences. The sea has always been a passion of Ernesto’s (Kirsty’s husband, ed’s note) from his connection with sailing and we’ve been fortunate to travel and dive in beautiful locations and so have seen for ourselves the depletion of fish stocks, particularly in the last ten years. This propelled us into doing what we could to try and contribute to the effort to save the world’s oceans. Just recently we got some very exciting data from tagging sharks and pelagic fish in the Chagos Islands – the world’s largest marine reserve – to help safeguard their habitat and educate us on their breeding and migration patterns. Life sciences is, of course, a big focus for my husband and his family because their business, Serono, was a biotech company. The Foundation has also formed partnerships with Harvard and with EPFL in Lausanne, helping to fund research that is looking at solving life-changing issues – like helping the deaf to hear and the paralyzed to walk. Getting to meet these exceptional and dedicated scientists is truly inspiring

You mentioned that you’ve called very many places around the world home. Geneva for example, which is not a city known to attract tourists in droves. Do you have a secret tip for someone visiting the city for the first time?

Geneva is beautiful, from the old town to the setting on the lake, surrounded by mountains. There’s really nowhere like it and when you look at what’s around you it’s then that you get what’s key to Switzerland: action. You must make any visit an action-packed one! Switzerland is a beautiful place, so go there to have an adventure! You can bike in the Swiss mountains, stay at quaint auberges and enjoy amazing food – try the filets du perche. Take a boat on the lake, water ski and paddle board in the summer months .Trek in the Alps in the winter and see the wild flowers in abundance. It’s a truly healthy lifestyle that I’ve grown to love.

Kirsty Bertarelli How would you describe your travelling style?

Ready for anything! Pack for the unexpected!

As the richest woman in the UK we know that money is certainly no object. Nevertheless, do you still have a bucket list?

We’re a pretty adventurous family, but I draw the line at skydiving, so definitely not that! But, of course, there are tonnes of things that I’d like to do and ambitions that I have. And the journey towards them is usually the best part – it’s that sense of anticipation, the effort to make your goals happen. That’s definitely something I see in my children. I have been very fortunate to have travelled so much, but it still feels like there is so much to explore, so I would like to see more of the world. And I want to go on learning about music and about art. It’s the little things that give me most happiness and I would just like the opportunity to continue to do them with my family – visiting a new restaurant, riding bikes in the mountains, watching the kids play sport for their teams.

So where’s your next trip taking you to?

We have an RV in America and the children love holidays on that. It is just the five of us with Ernesto driving and me cooking! We were going to do it this summer, but it broke down and we spent a few days in a car-park! It’s now fixed, so I think that is beckoning!

Favourite travel destination?

Indonesia. It was the inspiration for the song Indigo Shores.

Most memorable hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

The Lodge at Sedona. The whole place, with its vortex mountains and fresh running rivers and charming villages, is a family must. I would recommend it most strongly!

The new album Indigo Shores by Kirsty Bertarelli is out now featuring the single There She Goes.


  1. It’s lovely to hear how the little things like “visiting a new restaurant, riding bikes in the mountains, watching the kids play sport for their teams” are still so important to the richest woman in the UK. Nice interview.


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