The spring fitness edit: Part 1 – footwear

My favourite season of the year is finally here! With the warmer temperatures come not only the freedom to take your workouts outside but also countless marathons and races the world over. Here in London, there are even a few that take place in or around famous landmarks, but that’s a topic for part three of this series. Part one and is all about the shoes you need to take your fitness on the road.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31

I’m in love with these shoes. I have had both the 29 and 30 editions which were both slightly more cushioned and bulkier. The 31 hits its stride at just the right intersection between cushioned and light. I’ve already run a 10k in this pair last weekend and cannot recommend these shoes enough for fellow neutral runners., £85

New Balance 1080v5

New Balance 1080v5

This is my first foray into the New Balance footwear world so I really did not have any preconceived notions about the brand. Having said that, there’s good news and there’s bad news with this pair. The bad news is even though New Balance say it is the brand’s most cushioned shoe, I found it wanting in that department during my hardest treadmill runs. This might just be because I am accustomed to more cushioning from the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus so don’t let that sway you. The good news is the shoes are extremely light – 258 grams! – making them perfect for travellers. I use mine for long walks around the city and studio workouts in the gym., £110

Newton BoCo AT

Newton Boco AT

Also my first foray into this brand, which I only heard of when I started visiting forums for professional, heavy-duty runners in preparation for my race. This should really tell you all you need to know about this pair but I’ll come right out and say it – this is the brand for those in the know about competive running. The Newton BoCa were the only pair I really had to spend some time breaking in but once the hardness was out of the way, it became my go-to shoe for tough runs and hikes in uneven terrain and trails. It is this pair I plan to take with me to my Mt. Etna hike in May – which again speaks of the brand’s hardiness., £110

All of the shoes were sent to me for review but the opinions express herein are mine.

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