In photos: The Azores

There are places that help one unplug, unwind and send you back home whole again. The Azores was it for me. I travelled there last fall after a period of great upheaval and uncertainty, and returned home ready to tackle a new academic year with renewed resolve. I can’t even explain exactly what it was about the island that put me back on the path to well-being. Was it was the hours of hiking which an ever-expanding body of research shows is associated with better mental health outcomes? Could it have been the proximity to the ocean, which is also implicated in good psychological health? Or was it simply a combination of the sun, sea and nature and endless days spent going on adventures with my husband that did the trick? I can’t tell you which of these variables had the greatest effect on my psyche, or whether they acted in tandem, but I’m willing to put myself up as a research participant if someone wants to conduct a study. Hashtag For the science.

On a serious note and as a student of psychology, I will haste to say that travel is not always the panacea to psychological issues that it is often touted to be.  This is especially salient after the untimely demise of Anthony Bourdain last week. In my opinion, travel bloggers – including myself – sometimes fall into the trap of glamourising travel at the expense of the unvarnished reality of it. This is a theme I plan to expand on in a later blog post. For now, here are a few snapshots of an island that stole my heart only to put it back together.

The Azores 1

The Azores 8

The Azores 11

The Azores 9

The Azores 10


The Azores 4

The Azores 17

The Azores 15

The Azores 12

The Azores 7

The Azores 14

The Azores 13

The Azores 16

The Azores 5

The Azores 2

© Cynthia Wamwayi 2018


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