In conversation with Emilia Mitiku

I was never really Emilia Rydberg. I’ve always been a global citizen, I think because of my father being Ethiopian and my mother being Swedish. But I think Emilia Mitiku is more representative of who I am. I’m Emilia the Swede, and also Mitiku the Ethiopian. That’s also part of me coming of age. I have become more authentic and aware of my identity. I went to Ethiopia for the first time when I was 30, which radically changed me.

Tripping with….Actor Victor Alfieri

I like a good trip but what I love the most is the adventure that a trip can bring. Planning the destination is good, but not the entire trip. Sometimes I like to take off without even booking the hotel. I know…I know. But that is what I like – casual and spontaneous!

Celebrity Travel Files: Bethenny Frankel, Miami

After a mighty long hiatus, who better to break the ice than my favourite (former real) housewife ever, Bethenny Frankel, who revisited her old haunt in South Beach, Miami, with her cute daughter Bryn in tow.

Celebrity Travel Files: Lady Gaga, Copenhagen, Denmark

There’s something about the autumn that brings out the intense craving for all things Scandinavian. I don’t know whether it’s the crisp air that characterizes this season, or the accompanying shorter days and progressively longer nights but this season really takes me back to the days of coming of age in Oslo, being an exchange student at the University of Copenhagen and going on city breaks to neighbouring Stockholm.

Celebrity Travel Files: Myleene Klaas, Venice Beach, Los Angeles

I can’t get over how much this picture warms my heart. International program host (CNN’s Screening Room) and British media personality Myleene Klaas, who has had a pretty rough-and- tumble year – and we’re only a bit over halfway through it – is seen here enjoying her Los Angeles break in the tepid waters of Venice Beach, Los Angeles.