Culinary digest: Spice Mill Restaurant, St. Kitts

The highlight of my night out will have to be the grilled spiny lobster that the island is reknown for. This was slighly marred by a fellow dinner who, being a staunch vegetarian, took umbrage to my ordering it on the basis of animal cruelty. At least I think that is what it was about on the surface…

In photos: Taste of London festival

The world’s greatest restaurant festival returned this week for its tenth year. I visited yesterday, but it has been open since Wednesday the 18th of June and will last til the 22nd of June (tomorrow). I personally love this festival; it always brings together many (40 this year) of the hottest restaurants in London, with visitors getting the opportunity to try tapas sized dishes from all of them in one convenient location. There are 22 restaurant festivals this year so it’s not only Londonders who get to enjoy this culinary bonanza.. Check out Durban’s and Toronto’s festivals in July, Stockholm’s and Rome’s in September, and Melbourne’s and Mumbai’s in November.

Culinary Digest: Hanne på Høyden, Bergen (Norway)

I simply love it when you stumble upon a restaurant that is far far away from the tourist traps but still easily accessible that ALSO ends up being a superb culinary experience. About a week ago Mr. LTB and I stumbled upon Hanne på Høyden in Bergen, and decided it was too good a gem not to share.

Culinary Digest: Osteria da Fiore, Venice

Osteria da Fiore is one of only two Michelin-starred restaurants in Venice. Situated by one of many canals the lagoon city is famous for, it is renowned for its superlative fresh fish and it’s anti tourist-trap credibilities. We dropped by on a warm late summer midday, after wandering through small streets, a back alley and eventually a bridge.

Culinary Digest: JW Steakhouse, Mayfair, London

JW Steakhouse, I feel the need to warn before you read any further, is the kind of place you go to to break a long fast. Or seriously derail your food-shy diet. Or just the place to go to if you have been seriously ill and haven’t been able to eat for quite a while. Why? The portions are huge. I’m talking American-style huge