Offbeat: Fancy a free holiday to Malta?

I was flitting around the interwebs,doing some last-minute research before I head off to Malta this evening when I happened upon a video of a heartbroken young man giving away a holiday to – yup – Malta! Tom Frankenburg bought the July holiday for his girlfriend, but since they have just recently broken up, he is giving it all away to one lucky person, and will even chip in towards the £35 bmibaby charges for changing the names on the plane tickets.

Offbeat: The world’s oldest backpacker?

Meet Keith Wright, the world’s oldest backpacker. At a time when most 95 year-olds would be content to sit back and look back on a long and illustrious life, the World War II veteran from Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia is about to take off on his eighth trip to Europe, where he plans to visit Madrid, San Sebastian, Paris, Munich and Vienna for a two-month holiday, before stopping by London to see his favourite Aussie horse, Black Caviar, race at the Royal Ascot. He has been to 23 countries and 109 cities in total.

Offbeat: Beautiful people get to travel for free!

Here’s an age-old dilemma: You are young. You’re beautiful. You’re restless. You dreams consist of one day travelling the world without a single care or worry. The only thing standing between you and your dreams is hard, cold cash. Worry not, is here to make sure you dreams don’t die a slow, painful death.

Offbeat: Charleroi, Europe’s ugliest city?

I’ve been reading about Charleroi, a Belgian city just 50 kilometres south of Brussels, with ever-growing interest as it is featured regularly in news outlets. First there was the Wall Street Journal slide show which first sensitized me to the plight of this aesthetically challenged city in the municipality of Wallonia. Then came an article in The Guardian, which apart from expanding my knowledge of this poor city (it has the highest unemployment rates in Belgium) also introduced me to a quote by Serge Gainsbourg I now love dearly: “Ugliness has one great advantage over beauty, it is not diminished by the passage of time.”