The spring fitness edit: Part 1 – footwear

My favourite season of the year is finally here! With the warmer temperatures come not only the freedom to take your workouts outside but also countless marathons and races the world over. Here in London, there are even a few that take place in or around famous landmarks, but that’s a topic for part three of this series. Part one and is all about the shoes you need to take your fitness on the road.

Christmas gift guide: Gifts for the traveller in your life

There are some people who just thrive under pressure. You probably know a few of them. Give them a task and have them complete it weeks before a deadline and they’ll give you a worse result than if you allowed them to complete it just a few days before deadline. I hate to say I’m a bit like that. I need the presence of a deadline looming in the near distance like the sword of Damocles to light up my brain’s creative centers. Which is how I have found myself still not close to completing my gift shopping. If If you like myself were counting on this weekend to begin putting a dent in your Christmas gift shopping, here are a few suggestions.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 and 12 – Ultraportable computers

Today’s last two entries are geared more towards those who might find themselves getting gift cards to electronic stores either today (God jul to my Scandinavian readers!) or tomorrow. With the number of ultraportable, superlight computers having exploded into the market in the past few years, there is no reason why anyone should haul around heavy laptops while on the road. This year, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing both the Samsung Lite Book 9 Ativ Lite and the Acer 7, both of which I perceive to be excellent travelling companions.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 10, The Emily Cross Body Bag

Hand crafted from the finest calf leather, Emily is just the bag a traveller would love to get. Elegant yet practical, this Thomas Lyte creation is lined with soft beige jacquard silk, has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows its round and compact body to be worn as both a shoulder bag and a cross-body bag and – most practical of all -has a front and back pocket for cards and keys, both with magnetic closure mechanism. The Emily comes in four colours.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 9, The Le Grand Bal Package, Vienna

Let’s face it. If you haven’t already bought your Christmas present by now you are as behind as I am with my 12 Days of Christmas list. Some people plan way ahead of time, others – not so much. Worry not. I’ve got you covered, especially if you are UK-based and not relishing the thought of going out in the stormy weather to try and secure a gift.