Of lazy Sundays and shea butter obsessions

I had great plans for today. I was going to roll out of bed in my own sweet time — no screeching alarm clock to interrupt my detailed, lofty dreams –watch The Andrew Marr show then go jogging at Hyde Park in the name of keeping my New Years’ resolution. Then the rest of the day would pretty much take care of itself the way other Sundays before it have done.

Product Review: Beach holiday essentials

I’ve just come back from Crete, Greece, where despite the fact the country is in the grip of the worst economic crisis they’ve ever faced remains a great place to spend a relaxing holiday in. The weather has been very favourable, ranging from 24 degrees celcius to 30 degrees most days, with the sea temperature a pleasant 23-25 degrees celsius most days.

Product Review: Samsonite Firelite Cabin Luggage

I’ve been a Samsonite fan since 2008, when a dear friend gifted me the then revolutionary Samsonite Starwheeler Spinner. That suitcase elegantly took me through a demanding three-week trip through 13 American states that same year and has remained a favourite whenever I’m about to embark on longer journeys. So when the postman arrived with the new Samsonite Firelite, which in my opinion is beautiful both on the inside and outside, I quickly realised my love affair with the brand wasn’t about to end anytime soon.

Product Review: Mandarina Duck’s Tank Collection

The Brand: Mandarina Duck is an Italian luxury luggage brand which was established in 1977 by childhood friends Paolo Trento and Pietro Mannato . Since then, it has quickly become one of those luggage brands favoured by quality luggage connoisseurs. Owing to the founders’ background in the field of plastic materials and rubber, they are renowned for their bags made out of avant-garde synthetic materials. Fun fact: The duck on Mandarina Duck’s logo represents a particular species that comes from the banks of river Ussuri, on the border between Russia and China, where it symbolises happiness and loyalty. The duck is monogamous, and has a brightly coloured and waterproof plumage.

Culinary Digest: Defne Terrace, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Luxury Travel Beat’s verdict

Defne restaurant belongs to the only 5-star hotel within Dubrovnik Old Town’s walls – The Pucic Palace Hotel – so our expectations were quite high when we made our way to the restaurant on a breezy Dubrovnik evening.