Culinary Digest: Defne Terrace, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Luxury Travel Beat’s verdict

Defne restaurant belongs to the only 5-star hotel within Dubrovnik Old Town’s walls – The Pucic Palace Hotel – so our expectations were quite high when we made our way to the restaurant on a breezy Dubrovnik evening.

Culinary Digest: Proto, Dubrovnik (Old Town), Croatia

Luxury Travel Beat’s Verdict

We turned up at Proto on our very last day in Dubrovnik, perhaps sub-consciously seeking a suitable grand finale to the fantastic week we’d just spent in this picturesque part of Croatia. We were not disappointed. Despite the restaurant’s near cult-status – celebrities both minor and major turn up here every season – the staff are service-oriented and welcoming. It’s a hot June afternoon so we are taken to the cool first-floor terrace.

Culinary Digest: Nautika, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We were shown to our seas in the glass-sheltered terrace on the 2nd floor, which afforded us magnificent views over one of the old city’s fortresses and a few boats which were being buffeted upon by the rain. With dark and broody clouds pregnant with even more rain as our backdrop, we made our choices from the menu. For me, clear fish soup and black risotto — a Dubrovnik specialty — for hor d’ouveres, and Dalmatian-spiced lamb, broad beans polenta for the main course.

Culinary Digest: Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenee Paris

“We have to get back to basics, start all over again, begin with real and original tastes. Allow them to fully express their vibrancy and subtlety. Give technique back its real role, its single purpose – revealing the flavours of nature. This is the simple, honest belief that I have been working so hard to promote since I started as a chef and this is the quintessence of Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée.”

Culinary Delights: Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Bar Boulud is award-winning chef Daniel Boulud’s first UK venture, and although he is relatively unknown on this side of the pond, he has been stirring up the restaurant scene in New York for 18 years. There, he is the clout behind five restaurants including Daniel, the three-Michelin-starred flagship on Upper East side. The DB brand also has restaurants in Palm Beach, Miami, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Beijing.