Tripping with: Alex Polizzi

“Darling, if I don’t like the reception I already have a sinking feeling. I start thinking, have I made a mistake here? We stayed at a hotel called the Blue Palace in June, in Elounda, Crete. It is the most ugliest building! One of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen. It’s this kind of 1970s concrete block, enormous! Enormous darling, it’s like a prison. I was all, where the hell have I come to? My God!”

In conversation with Emilia Mitiku

I was never really Emilia Rydberg. I’ve always been a global citizen, I think because of my father being Ethiopian and my mother being Swedish. But I think Emilia Mitiku is more representative of who I am. I’m Emilia the Swede, and also Mitiku the Ethiopian. That’s also part of me coming of age. I have become more authentic and aware of my identity. I went to Ethiopia for the first time when I was 30, which radically changed me.

Tripping with….Actor Victor Alfieri

I like a good trip but what I love the most is the adventure that a trip can bring. Planning the destination is good, but not the entire trip. Sometimes I like to take off without even booking the hotel. I know…I know. But that is what I like – casual and spontaneous!

Tripping with: TV Host and Actress Carly Steel

What I love most about LA is its diversity; there really is something for everyone! Beach, mountains, city, town…you name it, L.A. has it. My favorite spot is the Chateau Marmont because it really encapsulates old Hollywood glamour, and there’s always an interesting crowd there. I love the new Nobu Malibu too; Executive Chef Gregorio Stephenson has done an incredible job with the menu and it’s right on the beach so you can eat fabulous sushi with the waves almost crashing on your table.

Tripping with: Actress Tara Summers

I like to travel a lot, so have got my packing down to a minimum. I’m obsessed with decanting large products into travel bottles.
I always take two books, two scarfs, my iPod and my wallet. Those are the essentials. My hair got fried last summer when I started surfing, so now I slather it in Moroccan Oil before I head out. It smells really nice and since your hair gets wet anyway at the beach it just looks like you arrived like that.