Unplugged: Crete, Greece

Unplugged: As far away from Oxford Street/5th Avenue/Rue du Rivoli/#InsertOwnBusyBroadwayHere as physically and/or mentally possible. Disconnected from the rat race. Free from a myriad of obligations – for a little while anyway. Back to nature, at one with nature, not chasing pokemons.

This week’s Unplugged features the Agreco farm in Crete, which I visited last summer.

Musical Sundays: Islands by Hey Ocean

I find the lyrics to this song and the mood it generally evokes in me so fitting to the official end of summer.

Happy trails!

Musical Sunday: Weeping, Soweto String Quartet & Vusi Mahlasela

I first discovered this song 7 years ago through listening to Josh Groban’s Awake album. Weeping was written as a protest song during South Africa’s Apartheid era by Dan Heymann, who had been forcibly drafted into the South Africa army. The lyrics are said to be about P.W. Botha who was South Africa’s first executive state president. It also speaks (in beautiful metaphors) of the atrocities of Apartheid in South Africa, and ability to prevail from suffering which Nelson Mandela, who was just laid to rest this morning, so gracefully embodied.

Musical Sunday: Home, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I first heard this song while watching a commercial for Peugeot. I thought it was quirky and really captured the restless, inquisitive spirit of the traveller, both in its lyrics and haunting melody. When I then heard it on a Vueling flight from London to Florence last week right before take-off I knew it had to be this week’s Musical Sunday entry.

Musical Sunday: Summer is Over, Jon McLaughlin & Sara Bareilles

Summer is definitely over in London. Until next year at least! Now let’s make this coming autumn and winter count before the winters of our lives sets in.