Days Out: Blenheim Palace

Located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire (a short drive from Oxford) Blenheim Palace has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. It is home to the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, evidence of which can be seen in the Churchill exhibition located inside the palace.

Musical Sunday: Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz

Spring has sprung in London town! It’s absolutely my favourite season and I always find myself renewed and looking forward to long, bright days that go on and on and on until October. Sometimes even til November here in London. They say it might get cold again next week but I couldn’t really care less. My season is here! The sun has already awakened my wanderlust, which has definitely been lying dormant since my long weekend in Paris in January. So you will understand why I can totally relate to this song today.

Musical Sunday: Come fly with me, Frank Sinatra

Today’s Musical Sunday comes to you courtesy of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Come Fly With Me is one of those musical trips around the world that is truly a tribute to those of use afflicted with the itchy feet syndrome.

Musical Sunday: Break me out, The Rescues

Today’s musical Sunday entry is all about feeling overwhelmed and wanting to get as far away as possible from your usual surroundings. Ever felt that way? I’m not necessarily feeling that way myself at this point but I’ve definitely been there. Regardless, I find just a subtle change of scenery, even checking into a hotel in my own city, really feels like a mini break. Especially if I’ve hit a mental or emotional block of some sort.

Musical Sunday: No Fear of Heights, Katie Melua

Today’s Musical Sunday entry is strictly speaking not a travel song. But it’s featured in the film The Tourist, which basically chronicles the disruption then disintegration of Johnny Depp’s (Franky) European holiday by Angelina Jolie’s Elise character. I watched the film which was shot in Venice and Paris for the first time last week, and must confess I found it largely unremarkable, until Katie Melua’s No Fear of Heights came and saved the day.