In Summary: 12 in 2012 (Part 1)

What a year this has been. Never before have I travelled to as many countries and expanded my knowledge of the world as I did in 2012.

Unplugged: In Tyrol, Austria

I’m so sorry I have neglected my faithful readers. For the past four days I have been completely somewhat unplugged in Austria’s beautifully breathtaking Tyrol region. Here is a foretaste of what visitors to this region can expect to see in the warmer summer months.

2012 destination wish list

The 31st of December is once again upon us. For me, this day ALWAYS finds me taking stock of the year that has been, and making plans for the one that’s just about to start. This is a process that usually includes looking over the lists I made on this day one year ago and making a brand new one.