Hotel Review: Bella Sky, Copenhagen

Regular visitors to the blog will by now be familiar with one of my all-time pet peeves: Why is a region so affluent as Scandinavia so lacking in true 5-star hotels? It would seem to me that the self-same people, who also are among those who drop the most moolah on 5-star hotels outside of their geographical confines, would want to invest in either building new 5-star hotels or bringing the few existing ones up to international standard.

My Beat: Copenhagen

Copenhagen boasts many accolades, chief among which is the title Scandinavia’s design capital. But the city that gifted the world with Arne Jacobsen and his iconic designs has a whole lot more to offer a first-time visitor. These are just some of them: LTB’s Highlights The Tivoli Gardens: This is the most-visited tourist attraction in Denmark, […]