Tripping with: Geoffrey Kent

At 16 I was asked to leave school. Students were not allowed motorbikes and I was caught with one, so I ended up having a big argument with my father over it. I then got on my two-stroke motorbike, told him I was leaving and headed off to Nairobi.

I bought a tarpaulin and a sleeping bag from the Salvation Army and built a frame for the bike to hold petrol on one side and water on the other. I also bought some biltong, put my food in the helmet (we never wore helmets in those days), bought a Shell map and off I went, eventually riding all the way to Cape Town. Apparently I was the first person to make the trip by motorbike. When I got there, I managed to sell my story to a South African newspaper and was paid enough to sail back first-class to Mombasa.