Unplugged: Crete, Greece

Unplugged: As far away from Oxford Street/5th Avenue/Rue du Rivoli/#InsertOwnBusyBroadwayHere as physically and/or mentally possible. Disconnected from the rat race. Free from a myriad of obligations – for a little while anyway. Back to nature, at one with nature, not chasing pokemons.

This week’s Unplugged features the Agreco farm in Crete, which I visited last summer.

Product Review: Beach holiday essentials

I’ve just come back from Crete, Greece, where despite the fact the country is in the grip of the worst economic crisis they’ve ever faced remains a great place to spend a relaxing holiday in. The weather has been very favourable, ranging from 24 degrees celcius to 30 degrees most days, with the sea temperature a pleasant 23-25 degrees celsius most days.