Exclusive: Tripping with Katie Melua

Singer/Songwriter Katie Melua first hit the scene ten years ago to international claim with her album Call the Search Off. Since then, she has gone on to set a Guiness World Record for the deepest underwater concert ever performed, as well as released 5 other multimillion-selling albums. Now just about to release her 6th album Ketevan, we caught up with Katie during a rare peaceful moment while she was on the Eurostar to Paris.

Musical Sunday: No Fear of Heights, Katie Melua

Today’s Musical Sunday entry is strictly speaking not a travel song. But it’s featured in the film The Tourist, which basically chronicles the disruption then disintegration of Johnny Depp’s (Franky) European holiday by Angelina Jolie’s Elise character. I watched the film which was shot in Venice and Paris for the first time last week, and must confess I found it largely unremarkable, until Katie Melua’s No Fear of Heights came and saved the day.