Hotel Review: Le Roch Hotel & Spa, Paris

The Le Roch Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel and as such only has 32 rooms and 5 suites, giving it a very warm, cosy and intimate feel. You know how in some large hotels you feel like if you’ve seen one standard room you’ve seen them all, and not just in that particular hotel but across all the hotels under that brand? This is most definitely not the case here. I was shown 5 rooms on different floors – in addition to the one pictured throughout this piece that I stayed in – and each of them seemed unique in its own way. Yet they were all unified by a clean, minimalist design featuring Carrara marble, Moroccan zelliges and walnut flooring showcased by lots of natural lighting. The hotel also feels like a gateaway tucked away somewhere on the outskirts of Paris despite being at the heart of it.