Musical Sunday: Fly Away, Lenny Kravitz

Spring has sprung in London town! It’s absolutely my favourite season and I always find myself renewed and looking forward to long, bright days that go on and on and on until October. Sometimes even til November here in London. They say it might get cold again next week but I couldn’t really care less. My season is here! The sun has already awakened my wanderlust, which has definitely been lying dormant since my long weekend in Paris in January. So you will understand why I can totally relate to this song today.

Hotel Review: Corinthia Hotel London

I first got introduced to the Corinthia chain of hotels last year when I reviewed all three of the Corinthia’s hotels in Valletta Malta during a week-long jaunt to the island. A few months later, I even got a foretaste of the Corinthia London hotel when I reviewed — and loved –the Northall. But nothing could have prepared me for the experience of actually staying at the hotel, which is the nearly two-year old flagship of the Corinthia chain.

In Summary: 12 in 2012 (Part II)

I’m thankful for how much 2012 stretched the boundaries of my mind (and palate!), the mountains I climbed, the valleys I crept out of, the people and places I won over and fell in love with, and those I lost and fell out of favour with. Still, there is nothing as intoxicating as a brand new start. May 2013 be as wonderfully serendipitous, full of happy coincidences and most of all, hopes and dreams that take flight.

Tripping with: Actress Tara Summers

I like to travel a lot, so have got my packing down to a minimum. I’m obsessed with decanting large products into travel bottles.
I always take two books, two scarfs, my iPod and my wallet. Those are the essentials. My hair got fried last summer when I started surfing, so now I slather it in Moroccan Oil before I head out. It smells really nice and since your hair gets wet anyway at the beach it just looks like you arrived like that.

Beat of…Belgravia, London

I’ve been asked many times why I’ve never written a Beat of…London despite the fact that I’ve been living here for three years. The answer is simple. Just like New York and other world-class cities, it’s almost impossible to recommend just five things to do in this massive city, and you will need to visit this city at least 5 times before you even begin to wrap your head around its essence. So I’m going to give you bite-sized pieces of London, starting with the Belgravia area, which being close to home is closest to my heart.