Culinary Digest: Osteria da Fiore, Venice

Osteria da Fiore is one of only two Michelin-starred restaurants in Venice. Situated by one of many canals the lagoon city is famous for, it is renowned for its superlative fresh fish and it’s anti tourist-trap credibilities. We dropped by on a warm late summer midday, after wandering through small streets, a back alley and eventually a bridge.

Culinary Digest: The Cube by Electrolux, London

The whole affair, which started at 7pm and ended at 22:30 (so plan accordingly), was pleasurable from start to finish. It kicks off with champagne and cheese sticks on the balcony, with views of the London Eye, Big Ben and River Thames on a warm breezy summer afternoon as the backdrop. Just this is enough to make the good old soul happy at the end of a busy day, yet about half an hour later, we are all ushered into the cube, where the action begins.

Culinary Delights: Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Bar Boulud is award-winning chef Daniel Boulud’s first UK venture, and although he is relatively unknown on this side of the pond, he has been stirring up the restaurant scene in New York for 18 years. There, he is the clout behind five restaurants including Daniel, the three-Michelin-starred flagship on Upper East side. The DB brand also has restaurants in Palm Beach, Miami, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Beijing.