My Beat: New York, New York

The last time I was in New York was with my Norwegian counterparts in 2011 when SAS (re)launched their Oslo-New York route. Because we all were on a very tight three-day schedule, I barely left the downtown area with its abundance of tourist traps both worthwhile and not so worthwhile. This time around I decided to mix things up a bit.

Offbeat: Hotels I wouldn’t be caught dead in

A few months ago I was transfixed on a series aptly named 666 Park Avenue which followed the coming ins and going outs – no, mostly coming ins of the residents of a haunted hotel/apartment complex in New York. Although fictitious, its plot line resonated with what I think is a basal fear for many of us.

Tripping with: The Puppini Sisters

Glamourous harmony trio The Puppini Sisters is composed of Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins, who met while students at The Trinity College of Music. Although the three are not related, they chose their name in tribute to The Andrews Sisters.