Beat of…Stockholm

Stockholm is sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North due to the fact that it is built on 14 islands and interconnected by a whooping 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, greenery, fresh air and the proximity to the water are the city’s most distinctive traits. But the city that refers to itself as the Capital of Scandinavia (to the great irritation of Norwegians and Danes) has more than just that offer.

Hotel Review: Hotel Rival

Two tall, beautiful brunette ladies, one dressed in cut-off jean shorts and a long, black loose singlet while her companion, decked in a long, white overflowing dress are the first people I see upon getting out of the Metro station at Mariatorget in the Sodermalm area of Stockholm. They both smiling brightly at me, as if in a competition with both the late summer sun and each other. They then stare back at each other and almost instantenously appear to have been hypnotised. Slowly, as if they can’t help themselves, they move in for a passionate kiss.