Tripping with: Alex Polizzi

“Darling, if I don’t like the reception I already have a sinking feeling. I start thinking, have I made a mistake here? We stayed at a hotel called the Blue Palace in June, in Elounda, Crete. It is the most ugliest building! One of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen. It’s this kind of 1970s concrete block, enormous! Enormous darling, it’s like a prison. I was all, where the hell have I come to? My God!”

Hotel Review: The Augustine, Prague

It is a sunny November Sunday when I gingerly make my way along cobblestone-paved streets to the Mala Strana district of Prague, where The Augustine Hotel, a former monastery is located. For a fleeting moment, it occurs to me that I should perhaps attempt to curb my enthusiasm just a tad. After all, aren’t holy places, both current and former, to be treated with the utmost reverence and modesty?