Tripping with: Actress Tara Summers

I like to travel a lot, so have got my packing down to a minimum. I’m obsessed with decanting large products into travel bottles.
I always take two books, two scarfs, my iPod and my wallet. Those are the essentials. My hair got fried last summer when I started surfing, so now I slather it in Moroccan Oil before I head out. It smells really nice and since your hair gets wet anyway at the beach it just looks like you arrived like that.

Exclusive: Tripping with Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese started her career as a stripper called Heather Sweet in one of Los Angeles many bikini clubs. The former blond girl from a farming town in Michigan rose to international prominence in the early 2000s, in part due to her marriage to and subsequent divorce from Marilyn Manson, but largely thanks to her Hollywood Golden-era look and burlesque routines. Last week, the 39-year old queen of burlesque was in London to launch her fragrance Dita Von Teese at Liberty London. Luxury Travel Beat caught up with her to talk to her about her extensive travels.