My Italian summer: Part 1 – Florence

First of all I’d like to apologize for the brief hiatus I took from the blog this summer. A combination of other work commitments and a summer filled with travel are to blame for this! I let that take over so I could come back refreshed and with more content for my faithful readers and subscribers. I’d also like to acknowledge the messages of concern I have received from some of my subscribers: Thank you for your encouragement. It’s always good to know that I am actually missed when I am away.

Now, let’s get right into this 5-part Italian summer series that has come about as a result of my travels this spring and summer. I fell in love with this country very gradually, with my first visit being to the island of Sardinia in 2008. 4 years went by before I got another chance to visit Italy, this time for a brief – very brief – sojourn through Venice on the last day of my London to Venice Orient Express trip.

Visiting Florence this year marked the third time I have set foot in Italy. This, dear reader, is where any doubts I might have had entertained about the country evaporated. I fell head-first, knee-deep in for this city. So without further ado, let’s dive right into my Florence beat list .

Musical Sunday: Home, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I first heard this song while watching a commercial for Peugeot. I thought it was quirky and really captured the restless, inquisitive spirit of the traveller, both in its lyrics and haunting melody. When I then heard it on a Vueling flight from London to Florence last week right before take-off I knew it had to be this week’s Musical Sunday entry.